Zolo Wellness and Beauty Centre

Zolo Centre is a unique complex that advocates preventative medicine and offers innovative aesthetic and therapeutic treatments. Our Passion for progress in healthcare research across professions and internationally has been contributing to our utilization of new technological advances at the clinic.

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Featured treatments in our clinic...

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle internal bath that deeply cleanses the colon of toxins, accumulated fecal matter, gas and mucoid plaque. It cleanses and detoxifies from the inside.


Mesotherapy works by making fine needle injections of a special formulation of FDA-approved medications, minerals, amino acids and vitamins that aim to melt the fat trapped under the skin.

Thread Lifting 4D

Thread Lifting is a non-surgical, no scar facelift performed using tiny surgical sutures or threads. It is a new lifting method of injecting multi-strand threads in order to boost cell attachment to rejuvenate aged & damaged skin.